AMTV Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bar 100 oz

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When it comes to purchasing silver bars, most investors worry about purity and value first. However, storage of precious metal bars is of equal concern to many. That is why countless mints have shifted their design focus to stacker bars, which are designed with easier storage in mind. Among the many options available today is the Patriot Metals stacker bar. Right now, 100 oz Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bars are available from AMTV Gold.

Bar Highlights:

  • Arrives in a plastic sleeve.
  • Contains 100 troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Obverse bears the Patriot Metals logo.
  • Reverse features the brands swirl design.
  • Stacker bars have raised edges for easy, secure stacking.
  • Privately minted in the United States of America.

Each 100 oz Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bar in this AMTV Gold product listing takes advantage of the demand for stackable silver precious metals. These bars all featured sharp edges and raised surfaces to ensure the bars never tip over when stacked.

On the obverse face, the design field is raised up from the outer edge. This is done to accommodate the sunken design field of the reverse side, which fits neatly over the obverse when the bars and stacked to ensure a stable pile when stacked.

The obverse design field of the 100 oz Patriot Metals Stacker Silver Bar features the Patriot Metals brand logo. This includes a star and stylized eagle as the central pieces, with 13 stars included. There are twelve stars in outer edges of the star design, with a unique 13thstar in the center of the eagle depiction.

On the reverse face of the bar you'll find a swirl patter in the bars finish.